10 Highest Paying Jobs in Zimbabwe

Chemical Engineer

The average monthly salary in Zimbabwe is 1,830 ZWD. The highest paying job in Zimbabwe is in the engineering field with a chemical engineer earning the highest amount of about 4,500 ZWD per month. A chemical engineer is responsible for developing the new processes as well as designing or modifying the equipments and processes in any industry. These processes are then used to create any type of product the industry wants to manufacture.


Mining is among the major sources of funds in Zimbabwe, geologists are the second well paid individuals earning around 3,500 ZWD per month. They study the behavior of rocks, rock formation, magnetic principles and oil exploration among others and are mainly involved in the mining industries.

Project Manager

The third best paying job in Zimbabwe is that of a project manager earning 3,000 ZWD per month. There are hundreds of projects going on with others starting up every day in Zimbabwe. They oversee the planning, implementation, control, evaluate and ensure successful completion of both short term and long term projects.

General Manager

A general manager earns 2,800 ZWD and has the responsibilities of directing as well as coordinating all the activities in an organization, He also analyses all the activities and their costs in addition to implementing the business strategic plans.

Purchasing Manager

The purchasing manager earns about 2.600 ZWD and he plays a very important role in procurement. He is responsible for buying equipments as well as the other goods and services the organization needs. The keeping and updating of records of all the goods purchased is also an important role of a purchasing manager.


Each and every type of business requires an administrator for proper running. They play an important role in the companies as they provide both clerical and administrative support in the organization. They are well paid in Zimbabwe earning about 2,400 ZWD each month.

Import and Export Manager

Zimbabwe imports and exports many products to and from other countries. The import and export managers are paid 2,200 ZWD per month. Their work is to document shipment and ensure that it is in accordance with the custom regulations. They may also work with the clients as well as track shipment while reducing the duties owed.


There are auditors employed by either the governmental or the non-governmental organizations. They review the books of accounts to ensure validity as well as legality of the financial records of the individual organization. They are paid an average of 2,150 ZWD per month.

System Analyst

The information technology department has also grown over the years in Zimbabwe with a system analyst earning about 2,100 ZWD every month. The analysts work in conjunction with all other departments to ensure that all the organizations systems are working and kept up to date.


Accountants are also well paid with their services required by nearly all organizations in Zimbabwe. They earn a minimum of 2,000 ZWD every month and they cover any aspects of financial work in the organization. It is their responsibility to ensure that the taxes are paid correctly and on time as well examine all the financial statements to ensure accuracy and keep the books of accounts up to date.

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