4 Essential Things In A Job Interview Thank You Note

A job interview Thank You Note is a follow-up to show that you are really interested for the job. Not only does it increase your chances of selection, but also leaves a lasting impression on the interviewer for future reference. It’s true that all Thank You Notes are not equally effective. One must make an intelligent move while writing the Thank You Note to enhance one’s chances for the post. Here we will discuss some essential things that one must keep in mind while writing the Note.

A Thank You Note must be written to express one’s gratitude to the interviewer. If the interview panel consists of more than one person, multiple Thank You Notes must be written. First and foremost, the interviewer must be thanked for sparing his time to take the interview as well as giving the interviewee the opportunity to showcase his talent. Apart from this, you must write specific unique details about the interview, which will make the interviewer remember you in particular from amongst a bunch of candidates. Let the interviewer know that you enjoyed the interview with him, and mention some examples to explain what you liked most about the interview or your conversation with him. If he mentioned about his interest or something about his background, you may let him know that you loved it, and gathered inspiration from his achievements. You may even judge the interviewer and let him know if he was friendly, and made a comfortable ambiance for you to answer his queries successfully. But make sure that you write only positive things about him, as this letter is to express gratitude. 

Next, a Thank You Note is an excellent opportunity to throw light on your talents once again and justify your aptness for the post. Emphasize why you are suitable for the post, and why you must be the one chosen. After an interview, many candidates feel that they could have given better answers to the questions asked, and could have added more points to their benefit. Applicants may make use of this Thank You note, to tell the untold to the interviewer. If there were some questions, which you couldn’t answer well, apologize to the interviewer for not being able to satisfy him with your answers. And finally, present yourself and your qualities to him by attaching your resume along with the Thank You Note. Moreover, you may even attach your Business Card or Contact Details to focus on the fact that you are really interested for the job.

Another important thing to consider while writing the Thank You Note is the process you send it. You may send an e-mail or a snail mail. Use your wits to consider if the company is a traditional one and would prefer hand-written notes, or modernized e-mail techniques. E-mail’s are faster and preferred because the interviewer is making his decision within a few hours, whereas snail mails leave a long-lasting impression. Either of both of them can be combined according to the situation, but make sure to write slightly different content in case you wish to send both.

Last, but not the least is the apt time for sending the Thank You Note. E-mail must be sent within a few hours, and hand-written notes must be couriered within 24 hours so that the interview is still fresh in the interviewer’s memory. Some candidates give the Note right after the interview. Avoid this, take time and give a genuine feedback on the interview.

Even if you do not get the job, a Thank You Note may leave a great impression on him, and he may refer you to someone else considering your gratitude and aptness according to your talent. So, bring to light your skills and express your gratefulness in the most unique way. Take time and write the best Thank You Note after your interview, to enhance your opportunities and enable further career growth.

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