5 Easily Attainable Skills That Can Boost Your Resume

Whether you have been in a well paying job for a very long time or you are seriously looking for a job, it is obvious you have been paying very close attention to your resume. However, did you know apart from the level of experiences you posses there are other skills that can make you very marketable? For starters, the following are 5 easily attainable skills that can boost your resume.

MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist)

Currently, for a number of administrative, as well as, office related positions, being extremely proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Products is paramount. How do I get this certification? Interestingly, despite an avalanche of benefits you can net from this skill, the whole process of acquiring it is simple and hassle free. Microsoft has over the years continued to offer this certification that basically tests and assess your level of skills at each and every component of the MS Office Suite.

First Aid

If you have been in the job market for a very long time, it is very likely you have come across a number of companies that require one to be certified in first aid before commencing any job given. This life saving skills does not only have a very extensive area of application in the work station, but in your own personal life, as well. The best part, with very less investment you can earn this certification within the shortest time possible. So adding a first aid certification right into your resume is definitely a good thing.


Over the last few years, it is amazing how this skill has become extremely essential. It is a kind of database language that is very popular in a number of business job types. It is a very useful skill that can boost your resumes. SQL is not hard to learn for getting the basics can be done in a matter of few weeks.

Get a commercial driver’s license

If you know how important this skill is, chances are good you already have a regular driver’s license. However, if you want to make yourself very qualified for a number of positions, it would make a lot of sense if you acquire a commercial driver’s license. This simple skill can not only give you an edge in an interview, but also show your potential employer that you have actually taken time to learn a new and useful skill.

Language Certification

This kind of certification, basically, comes in two forms; a certification for non-native speakers and those who wish to teach a language. For example, for those who want to teach English as a second language, TEFL, TESOL and TESL are a few of the programs that can be taken.

Bottom line; if you look around it is evident that the world has become more and more competitive than never before. As a job seeker, if you want to make sure that employers see your resume, you need to have something special that will set you apart from others. Invest in a number of this certification, and you will be surprised on what you can achieve in the long run.

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