5 Important Considerations Before Accepting a Zambian Job Offer

Having been on the job market, lucky as you may, you land on a very nice offer; a job in Zambia. However, at this point it hits you, should you take it or should you not. The situation throws you in a dilemma; but given the time limit, you have to make a decision. Your decision is influenced by a number of factors which include, but not limited to;

One of the main considerations is money. Does it pay well enough to convince you to take it? Can the salary be able to meet your needs? Can the money meet all the expenses, such as transport and in the long run leave you some amount for savings? All this questions loom your mind and that’s when it becomes necessary to check the currency of payment. You could be earning more and yet less. That is, Zambia employs the Kwacha as its currency; one Us dollar is the equivalent of 7,334.99 ZMK. Hence, whereas a six figure job in Zambia would look appealing, it’s barely a two figure job in Us dollars.

Money is imperative in our day to day Endeavors, however, while the money would look attractive other factors such ability to grow come in which are way more important than the cash. Of what use would more be to you if it can’t help you grow? Zambia was ranked among the top 127 safest investment destination in the world out of the possible 196 with a 6% economic rate as of 2011. This shows that there are still a lot of opportunities left untapped and thus an opportunity for growth. Inflation rate has also been on the downfall in the recent years with the country recording its least rate of 8% in 2014 form a whopping 26.4% in 2011. Thus, it could be said to be improving for the better.

Moreover, Zambia is among the top ten politically stable countries in the world. It has never experienced war or political turmoil since its independence in 1964, thus a safe haven to run your career and the more reason you should take the job. A politically stable state provides the best environment for developing a career.

On the other hand, the country does not lack its downfalls; Zambia unlike western countries is relatively slow. It has reportedly a large number of employees reporting to work late and leaving early, especially in government organizations. Zambia has among the worst corruption crisis in the world despite several steps by the government to reduce it. It has unessential long and complex administrative procedures thus the necessity to grease several hands before getting a service. This can be very frustrating and thus make your life miserable despite having a lucrative job.

Furthermore, Zambia has an augmented infrastructure. The roads are of low quality and in very poor state, thus if you’re considering taking the job, be prepared to spend more on vehicle maintenance. Given Zambia’s poor state, it would still come as an opportunity to invest in commodities needed by the poor Zambians.

Finally, as you embark to settle for a job in Zambia, it is of most importance to question oneself; are the greener pastures really greener?

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