5 Things To Do While Awaiting a Response After a Job Interview

Most likely, after the job interview, your interviewer will either tell you ‘we will just call you’ or ‘you are hired.’ But, just because you are told that they will just call you does not mean you are fired. Perhaps there is something they need to verify before employing you. So, while awaiting a response after a job interview, you might as well do these 5 things.


· Apply to other companies or organization

Do not stay in one corner and do nothing after a job interview. Like I said, there are two implications when an employer tells you, ‘I will just call you.’ While waiting for the response, you might as well apply to other companies or organizations. When a company does not call you back, you will not be worried because you are already hired by another company.

· Weigh the pros and cons of the companies

The reason for applying is because you can weigh the pros and cons of each company you apply to, and eventually you will be landed on a job that suits you best. If you keep waiting for the call, nothing will happen to you. And even if they call you, you know the pros and cons already of the companies you have been through, you now have the scene where you select the best of the best.

· Enhance your skills and enroll in a short-term program

Immediately after a job interview and you are certain you will be called back, enhance your skills by practicing it further or enroll in a short-term program. This is very crucial especially for fresh graduates since they lack practical skills. If they enroll themselves in a short-term program related to their career, then they will most likely be hired. If you are sure that you will be called back because you are scheduled for exams, then this is the best moment for practice. Polish and sharpen your skills by practicing and applying it in real life.

· Determine your mistakes during the job interview

If you keep waiting for a call-back, then most probably you are rejected already. If this is so, you should determine your mistakes during the job interview. Sometimes an interviewer does not call you back because you make something in the interview that did not live up to his expectations.

Is it your language? If English is not your first language, and the company requires that you should be proficient in it, you should polish your spoken and written skills. Make sure you speak intelligently and confidently in English and write phenomenal application and curriculum vitae.

Is it your posture and demeanor when facing the interviewer? You should look at his eyes, like a tiger eyeing for its prey. This shows that you are serious with your application and interested in the company. See to it that your posture is decent and professional enough. Don’t slack off!

· Prepare yourself for possible questions when you apply next time

At times, the fault in getting a no call-back is when you misinterpreted the question or answered it incorrectly, which triggered the employer to reject you. Prepare yourself for interview questions that will be asked to you next time. The key to success is answering the questions honestly but avoiding negative criticism about something. Sometimes when you are very honest, you will become tactless. Be cautious.

So these are the 5 things to do while awaiting a response after a job interview. Rejection is very prevalent and it happens in every person. It is normal so do not take it personally.

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