Family Legacy Missions Zambia Currently Recruiting: Campus Coordinator x2

  • Location: Lusaka, Lusaka Province, Zambia
  • State: Lusaka
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • Job category: IT/Telecom Jobs in Zambia

Family Legacy Missions Zambia is a Non-Governmental Organisation based in Lusaka, Zambia. The organization supports orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia through education sponsorship programmes and accommodation facilities.

Suitably qualified individuals are invited to apply for the following position:

Campus Coordinator x2

Job Summary

The overall responsibility of the Campus Coordinator (CC) is to oversee all scheduled classroom instruction and other LA activities in accordance with the Ministry’s policies and procedures to deliver quality and holistic education to learners. S/He will also manage various section heads and officers, other LA staff and their welfare.

S/He is also the custodian of all LA resources through prudent use and monitoring.

Specific Tasks

People Management

  • Oversee and manage Sponsorship Officers in assigned cluster regarding task management.
  • Facilitate and lead meetings in collaboration with direct reports at stipulated intervals as required by the policies of the organization.
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings with supervisor.
  • Listen to staff concerns and needs and provide feedback at an appropriate time to the supervisor.
  • Track attendance/ leave days of Sponsorship Officers in collaboration with the Campus Coordinators.
  • Locally initiate mediation in conflict management among staff.
  • Ensure proper adherence to the policies and goals of the organization for subordinates, such as the Child Protection Policy.
  • Delegate effectively to subordinates on all administrative, logistical, and other overall programmatic assignments.
  • Advocate for and ensure the safety and protection of staff when reporting child protection or other sensitive issues.

1. Leadership

  • Develop, monitor and evaluate strategic goals and plans for teams.
  • Engage in decision making consultation with supervisors and subordinates.
  • Building the capacity of subordinates in problem-solving to mitigate disruptions that may arise in the LA.
  • Create a school culture that promotes good values among learners and staff as required by the ministry policies.
  • Implement individual professional goals for all direct reports.
    • Solicit and give appropriate feedback to staff to encourage the development of strengths and address areas of growth.
  • Propose and develop policies to strengthen and address various programs and initiatives in the Legacy Academies.
  • To stimulate and promote a culture of togetherness, cohesion, unity among the Legacy Academy staff.
    • Intentionally build relationships with your teams to foster an environment of collaboration and freedom.
    • Provide incentives for and encouragement to staff.

2. Classroom Instruction

  • Monitor and enforce implementation of skills acquired during trainings by teaching staff through the head teacher.
  • Review attendance and Student of the Week Rosters before they are submitted to the DPM. Ensure LA staff adhere to all guidelines and procedures for taking attendance.
  • Submit low attendance lists and other home visit follow-ups to the CPOs on time.
  • Monitor and ensure the right curriculum is implemented in the classrooms by scrutiny of schemes of work and lesson plans being used.

3. Staff Performance Evaluation

  • Provide objective information on the professional performance/attitude/ conduct of L.A Staff to the DPM for decision making at the end of the contract and/or contract probation.
  • Document and make follow-ups on the ‘grows and glows’ noted during lesson observations and give timely feedback to the DPMs through weekly reports.
  • Formulate intervention measures to grow head teachers and other staff who may be struggling in lesson delivery.
  • Weekly review of head teacher’s binder to ensure they are updated and reflect effective management of the campus
  • Maintain performance and disciplinary records of head teachers and other LA staff for purposes of reference and decision making.
  • Hold all staff accountable to standards outlined in the staff Code of Conduct.
  • Model and promote the teaching of good values to learners by LA Staff, notably decent dressing, use of appropriate language, respect for others and respect for school routines and procedures.

4. Professional Development & Talent Management

  • Coach and mentor section Heads in their roles to enable them effectively manage their work.
  • Identify talent in the Headteachers and groom it for possible high leadership roles.
  • Justify training needs for heads and staff to DPMs.
  • Evaluate and highlight specific areas in the campus where trainings conducted are having an impact and report to all concerned DPMs.

5. Discipline

  • Ensure the head teacher keeps a record of all disciplinary cases of learners for decision making.
  • Deliberately set and share standards for the campus that will shape the discipline of learners. This will be in accordance with expectations in the
    education policies and procedures of the Family Legacy i.e Student Code of Conduct.
  • In collaboration with the head teacher, implement intervention measures (such as in-school suspensions, counselling with the CPOs) to reinforce positive behaviours.
  • Follow laid down procedures and recommend for student discharges, transfers, and readmissions in collaboration with CPOs and academic staff.


6. Time Management

  • Strengthened the capacity of the head teachers to inculcate a sense of observing the time for all scheduled campus activities among L.A Staff and students i.e. design strategies that will improve time management among L.A Staff.

7. School Maintenance & Facilities Management

  • Note and promptly communicate to the relevant office any campus need for supplies and repairs to minimize disruption of smooth running of the school.
  • Maintain an updated inventory of all school supplies and property. This should be reviewed monthly.
  • Campaign against vandalism of school property.
  • Monitor the campus cleanliness and sanitation to prevent disease outbreaks and avoid risks of campus closure.
  • Reinforce LA initiatives such as Hygiene Campaign and Days for Girls to promote good use of bathrooms and hygiene among students.
  • Manage and oversee the inventory and daily implementation of the school lunch programme.
  • Communicate with and provide regular feedback to Operations.

8. Communication

  • Create a culture of communication where LA staff and children feel recognized and heard.
  • Monitor channels of communication being used on campus and model to head teachers and other staff (including CPOs and CDOs) on the right channels and mode of communication.
  • Educate head teacher and LA staff on how to handle campus visitors to avoid miscommunication and false alarms.

9. School Security

  • Report and document any break-ins at the campus to LA- DPM and Operations Manager clearly stating what led to and property damaged or lost in a timely manner.
  • Increase levels of vigilance at the campus through sensitization talks with head teachers, learners, and LA staff to safeguard school property and lives.
    • Ensure school supplies (i.e. textbooks, science equipment, etc. are kept in secure places after school.
  • Monitor the work attitude of Security Guards at the campus and provide guidance on the best security practices in line with security expectations.

10. Stakeholder Management

  • Promote healthy relationship between the school and the surrounding community i. e educates Departmental heads on the need to practice good courtesy when dealing with sponsors, caretakers, and community leaders.
  • Promptly attend to visitors coming to the campus and refer them to the necessary office.

11. Exams

  • Liaise with appropriate DPMs on the examination needs/ assessment of the school well in advance.
  • Review and certify quality and efficacy of locally set assessments/ examinations.
  • Provide necessary information/data for examinations when requested for in a timely manner.
  • Generate and submit to DPM end of term examination analysis reports to highlight learner’s academic performance and make recommendations to improve poor performance.
  • Set standards for campus Headteachers on how to administer tests/ examinations to achieve credible results.
  • Oversee the administration of National examinations at the campus and promote mal-practice free examinations.

12. Extracurricular Activities

  • Oversee and manage extracurricular activities on the campus
  • Oversee, coordinate, and manage regional holiday activities with campus team.
  • Camp LIFE responsibilities including but not limited to
    • Oversee and coordinate bus loading
    • The Employee shall also be expected to undertake any responsibilities as may be delegated by his or her supervisor.

Academic and Professional Requirements:

  • Grade 12 certificate.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education or related field and/or high performance in a Legacy Academy
  • Thorough knowledge of Zambia’s Ministry of Education Policies.
  • At least 3 years’ work experience in a similar position


How to Apply

Applications composed of CV and scanned academic certificates should be sent to [email protected], clearly labeling the position applied for in the subject line or hand delivered to plot 78/100 off lake road, Ibex Hill, Lusaka, Zambia

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