How to Write a Cover Letter for A Vacancy in Zimbabwe – 5 Steps

There are many job opportunities out there for grab. However, those who qualify for the same; with good papers so to speak rarely make it upon application. Those applicants who failed to be selected get it strange when their competing counterparts who had lower grades made it to the interview. Some question the criterion that was used to get the shortlisted candidates while others alleges it to corruption, nepotism and favoritism among other allegations.

However, the reason why job seekers or graduates fail to secure a job lies within them. The core reason for rejection of their application usually is the cover letter. A cover letter is the most important part of your job application since the way you express yourself reflects who you are in terms of qualification and that dictates if you qualify for that position.

This article is all about how to write a cover letter for A Vacancy in Zimbabwe – 5 Steps, thus if you have been applying for jobs but in vain, do not worry since your next application will never be binned as previous ones.

1. Ensure your letter is correctly addressed

Make sure that you address your hirer as either sir or madam. Do not be gender biased since you never know who will read your application. Imagine a salutation like ‘Dear Sir’ and the manager or the director for that organization is a madam! She will get upset and bin your applications no matter how qualified or experienced you are.

2. Your letter should vividly display that you qualify for that job qualifications

You can easily show that your requirements meet the position you are applying for by paraphrasing the job advertisement as it appeared in the advert channel. Avoid duplicating the vacancy advertisement and instead go for vital requirement and show that you really meet all of them.

3. Ensure you are as specific and to the point

Avoid using words like, “I would like to apply…” instead say “Am applying for…” Show the person that you are really after that given job. Do not show your addressee that you are not sure about your application.

4. Focus on the organization you are applying to as well

Do not focus about yourself in whole cover letter and forget about the organization you are applying to. Elaborate that you really meet the specified requirements as per that organization advertisement. Failure to do so may easily disqualify you since an organization will needs to confirm that you actually go through their advert, understand why they are looking for personnel to fill that vacant post and are confident you will embrace teamwork when they employ you. Go an extra step and talk about the organization’s market, clients, vision and mission, goals, brands so as to make it clear to the reader that you actually did a research to be conversant with what they usually do and that you would be committed to that organization targets.

5. Show that you are passionate about that post

Most job applicants fail to clearly put it that they really love and want that job that they are seeking. Show your reader that you look to that job; do not think that it is something obvious. Demonstrate it  through your expression and put it in writing.

When you apply for any vacancy, ensure you point out why you really need that position you are applying for. All the best as you look for that job.

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