Info Edge Job Vacancies in Zambia: Life Insurance Manager

  • Company: Info Edge
  • Location: Lusaka, Lusaka Province, Zambia
  • State: Lusaka
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • Job category: Accounting Jobs in Zambia

The Life Manager shall operate at the level of General Manager reporting to the Managing Director.

Specifically, the Life General Manager shall be responsible for the following:

  • General Management

This is the general day to day management of MLife reporting to the Managing Director.
Ensure that the Companys operations are efficient and effective as to advance the profit and other objectives of the Company.
Ensure that the Companys processes and administrative environment remain efficient and effective at all times.
To meet the strategic objectives, targets, budgeted income and profits of the Company as agreed from time to time.
Continuously review the performance of MLife and make recommendations to the Managing Director on measures to improve the performance of the Company.
Quality reporting and analysis while making recommendations and pieces of advice to management and assisting with the implementation of these recommendations to improve performance
Ensuring that all internal and external audit recommendations are promptly and timely addressed.

  • Underwriting.

Oversee the review of individual and group applications for life assurance and evaluate the degree of risk presented and determine the basis of acceptance of those applications.
Ensure that statistical data is collected and made available for actuarial analysis to mathematically determine the performance of the different classes of life assurance underwritten by the Company and make the necessary recommendations to management including the setting off of reserves, declaration of bonuses and formulation of premium rates using appropriate bases.
Ensure that efficiencies are created, maintained and enhanced in regard to:
Premium collection.
Lapsation of policies.
Surrenders and related values
The maturity of policies and vesting of pension plans.
Ensuring strict adherence to policy terms and conditions regarding claim adjustment and cost reduction.
Timely placement of the required reinsurance support for all classes of life assurance business.

  • Marketing

Ensure continuous research is done to develop and launch new products.
Ensure continuous service quality.
Develop and launch new products.
Review existing products to ensure increased market penetration and profitability.
Develop and establish efficient and effective distribution channels.
Ensure that sales representatives are highly motivated.
Develop strategic alliances.
Ensure continuous research.

  • Financial and Investment Management

Provide sound and prudent financial and investment management.

  • Capacity Building

Responsible for enhancing the capacity of the Staff and Management team at MLife.
Ensure that staff training and development plans are in place and managed to the full expectations of the company.
Train key personnel as a way of transferring skills and knowledge to them.
Training the sales force in product knowledge, supervision and appropriate skills to achieve increased volumes of high quality and retainable life assurance business.

  • Succession:

The Life Manager shall draw up a succession plan, identify a local successor for his/her position, and provide training, mentorship, coaching and performance management in preparation of the identified individual to succeed the Life Manager at the expiry of his/her contract.


Technical Skills / Competencies Up-to-date knowledge of Financial Management and Investment.
Knowledge of life products
Product Development & Marketing
Personnel development
Familiar with relevant reporting packages and designing reports
Good communication skills and ability to articulate well
Efficiency and speed in order to meet deadlines
Attention to detail and accuracy
Knowledge and expertise (relating to specialist knowledge and expertise required to undertake the role) All round Life Insurance Company management and life insurance skills and knowledge especially in regard to Marketing, underwriting, and investments.
Experience, qualifications and other requirements specific to the role (e.g. age requirements) ACII or equivalent, preferably with actuarial experience and above 55 years of age. However, candidates above 45 years old may be considered.

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