New Careers Opportunities at Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants

The Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA) was established by an Act of Parliament in 1982 and repealed in 2008. The Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants is a membership body regulating the Accountancy profession in Zambia.


  • Inspecting the vehicles for official use, checking tyre pressure, oil level indicators and other basic mechanic or electrical elements to ensure compliance to traffic rules
  • Driving vehicle under charge in accordance with official instructions and the Highway Code to ensure safe transportation of staff and materials
  • Completing the vehicle log book as required by the Institute’s operating procedures in order to control vehicle movement and fuel consumption
  • Arranging for service of motor vehicles regularly as required by operating procedures to ensure efficiency and safety of motor vehicles
  • Ensuring quick delivery of mail to designated places
  • Performing minor maintenance tasks on the vehicles when necessary
  • Refuelling the vehicles and preparing accident and incident reports as necessary
  • Preparing transport logistic schedules in liaison with all departments
  • To prepare monthly reports for the vehicles
Technical officer
  • Prioritize monitoring of Exposure Drafts (EDs) and other consultation papers issued by International Standard-setters and IFAC member bodies
  • Obtain stakeholder feedback, performing research and analysis and developing comments on accounting standards consultation documents
  • Carry out outreach activities through organising Technical updates workshops
  • Monitors the work of accountants to ensure that generally accepted accounting, auditing and assurance standards are upheld as set out in the rules of professional conduct of the Institute
  • Conduct research on topics of interest to the Institute and public. The incumbent is expected to be involved in developing a research plans and proposals as well as conducting research
  • The officer will also serve as a resource and subject matter expert on topics related to public financial management and related policy documents
  • Build and maintain relationships with existing stakeholder groups
  • Identify and support opportunities to raise awareness of Accounting and Auditing pronouncements to stakeholder groups

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