Top 10 Hobbies That Make You More Employable

It is no hidden fact that most of the companies or employment agencies are now employing for cultural fit in their bid to get the best result from their employees, this is a fact that they must keenly look into. A recent study done by one of prestigious firm shows that most companies are using candidates’ hobbies as indicator for personality fit. In fact most employers consider hobbies to be an important part of a candidate’s qualification when using the right applicant. If you are seeking for an employment opportunity you better pick up two or more hobbies to increase your employability to any potential employer. This article will give you top 10 hobbies that make you more employable.

1. Sports

Taking part in activities such as swimming, cycling or running only suggest one thing about you. That you are tenacity, self driven and that you can persevere and these are the qualities that employers are looking for.

2. High risk hobbies

Hobbies such as the mountain climbing, sky diving and bike mountain racing suggests that you can take calculated risk and even push the boundaries back. These strengths say it all and are very desirable

3. Creative hobbies

Cooking, photography and painting hobbies are all artistic pursuit and they only suggest one thing about you, creativity and this is what any employer is looking for. These hobbies may make you potential for job opportunity such as PR, marketing or as a designer.

4. Team sporting

Group sports activity such as hockey, softball or football indicates that you can function as one team member who are in pursuit for one common goal. This is a desirable quality.

5. Mind game

Games like sodoku, chess, and backgammon show that you as an individual enjoys thinking strategically. This kind of ability is desirable in places where strategy formulation and policy development are the center of work.

6. Writing

Creativity writing, be it short stories, poetry or even personal blogging can increase your chances of being employed as an editor or writer.

7. Reading, libraries

If you enjoy reading this hobby can showcase your ability of wanting to know more and acquire more knowledge. This skill can lead you in job position such as a researcher.

8. Community involvement

A hobby like this only shows that you are a person who is comfortable with collaborating with people. This hobby particularly can see you fit for a managerial position.

9. Learning languages

Learning more languages is a great hobby and it can land you in a position at a multinational company especially if it deals with foreigners. Even though your position may not need this never despair because an opportunity may come up?

10. Travelling

Travelling places is not only enjoyable to people who consider this as a hobby it can also give you a job as a tour guide or drive. And with your divers knowledge of places you will definitely get employed when an opportunity emerge.

Hobbies have become a part of qualifications when you are seeking for an employment opportunity and if you have one you better develop it because it will come in handy when the need arises. Hobbies also work as a source of experience for many individuals.

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