Top 10 Latest High Paying Jobs in Zambia [Updated]

 Are you a Zambian? Have you saved enough cash, or your current job is not pretty paying enough? Perfect. If you haven’t really saved enough cash to buy something concrete, then note that you’re completely in a wrong career. Besides, you need to make a swift move and find another well paying job. 

It’s truly vital to find a job that you love. But again, you ought to choose an incredible career that pays the bills well, especially in today’s tough economy. This article elaborates the Top 10 Paying Jobs in Zambia. Note that most of the entries listed here requires a bit of schooling, but you don’t really have to worry that much. These listed jobs certainly pays off the time and all the expenses once you join the workforce. Stay tuned. 

There are quite a number of Popular high paying jobs to consider in Zambia. According to the labor analyst in Zambia, here are some of the examples of jobs that have immense promise for positive growth in Zambia.

1. Nursing

Nursing is a great profession that’s currently offering employment to many young people in Zambia. With more demand for improved health care, there’s an ever increasing demand for more nurses to service numerous health care centers in the country. Therefore, young men and women are encouraged to take up the nursing career as it promises a reasonable and fulfilling career.

2. Financial manager

Typically, the main job of financial managers is to oversee all the financial issues of an organization, set appropriate goals and objectives, and devise exceptional strategies for maximizing the organization’s profits. Though the job might be stressful at times and requires pulling significantly long hours, it’s truly highly paying in Zambia.

3. Teaching jobs

Every year, many teachers in Zambia are in high demand as more schools are currently being opened up. Teaching is a really awesome career in the country, especially because many schools are mushrooming, and hence the demand is very high. And you know, when the demand is high then definitely payment is also good. Another bonus about the teaching profession is that one can work from a relatively young age until retirement. Thus, one can surely gather enough wealth with time.

4. Construction Workers

Presently, the construction industry has become a lucrative employment sector in Zambia. It has enormous potential for amazing career growth opportunities. Construction workers can certainly earn a comfortable minimum wage in line with the country’s minimum wage provisions.

5. Pharmacist

Truly speaking, pharmacists ought to be well compensated. This is due to the fact that they play a key role when it comes to how we handle our medical conditions, recuperating processes, and the entire health and wellness. In Zambia, the job of a pharmacist is very respectable and the people in this profession are incredibly remunerated.

6. Fuel Attendants

Despite the ever increasing fuel prices and the shortage of petroleum products, job opportunities for fuel attendants are gradually increasing. The task doesn’t require much qualifications. Incredible communication skills and basic knowledge in arithmetic is more than enough.

7. Human Resources and Public Relations Officers

Apparently, human resource professionals are in very high demand and is highly paying in Zambia. Young men and women in the country are really encouraged to focus on public relations and human resources professions due to their incredible benefits.

8. Sales managers

While those people on the display room floors actually sell products, sales managers analyze the trends, set and implement various goals and objectives of the organization. Thus, due to the magnitude of their tasks they are very well paid in Zambia.

9. Veterinarian

Veterinary medicine is not health care lite. Vets are absolutely qualified to care for all ranges of animals, from the cute and cuddly, probably to the intense and immense. Their work certainly impacts food security as well as the spread of various infectious diseases. In Zambia, veterinarians earn decent salary.

10. Mechanical engineer

Whatever you’re operating, or you’re holding right now as we speak probably involved the specialized skills of a mechanical engineer. Therefore, it goes without saying that masterminds such as mechanical engineers should be well paid. Am i right? In Zambia, mechanical engineers earn handsome basic salary.

In conclusion, if you’re that Zambian who’d really like to gather enough wealth in these tough economic times, you certainly have enough reasons to choose from one of the mentioned jobs. Though some of them might be quite stressing (like financial managers’ profession), you’re certainly guaranteed decent salary and allowances.

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