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Welcome to Women and law in southern Africa Research and education trust -Zambia (WLSA). We are part of a regional organization with offices in seven (07) countries in the region. The organization was set up in 1989 by female lecturers in southern-African universities to respond to the socio-legal needs of women in the region and to develop women’s rights methodologies. At WLSA, you are assured of response and guidance on your rights as women as well as legal aid services.


  • The purpose of the research is to conduct a study to examine why men and women commit GBV crimes
  • This is very important in the ongoing debate of prevention of and response to GBV offences
  • The causes of crime are complex. Most people today have a perception that poverty, parental neglect, low self-esteem, alcohol and drug abuse are all connected in explaining why people commit crimes
  • Society tends to focus on individual weakness or lack of ‘values’ as the reason why people commit crimes
  • Ultimately if someone chooses to commit a crime, that is their responsibility
  • If caught, the individual should pay the consequences
  • Individualists feel that society needs clearer rules and strong punishments to minimise criminal behaviour
  • If punishments were stronger and the police and the courts had more powers, there would be less crime
  • The study will seek to ascertain the reasons for the commission of GBV crimes
  • The study will provide information about the attitude and behaviour of GBV perpetrators that have contributed to the increase in the prevalence levels of GBV cases
  • The study will look at male offenders who are serving sentences, female offenders serving sentences, offenders who are serving sentences who at plea stage of the court process entered a plea of guilty and will also look at offender who have served their full sentence and are released or have been released by parole or prerogative of mercy
  • Among the offenders will include perpetrators of sexual crimes, crimes against children and physical abuse crimes
  • The study should be conducted in September – October 2017
  • Proposals (Initial Applications) are invited based on these Terms of Reference and the proposal should include all relevant information such as activity budgets, consultancy fees, time frame methodology and draft tools to be used
  • The study will be conducted in five Provinces; Eastern (Chipata), Western (Mongu), Lusaka (Lusaka/Chimbokaila), Central (Kabwe) andCopperbelt (Kitwe/Kamfinsa)
  • The selection of the location was based on the diversity of the social and culture effluences in the provinces selected.

How to apply
Send detailed Proposal, a CV, sample of at least one previous study conducted, 2 traceable references and copies of certificates Documents to:
The Women and Law in Southern Africa
1 Joseph Mwilwa Road
Rhodes Park
PO Box 34777

For more information

+260 211 234571
Closing 31 August 2017
Women and Law in Southern Africa – (WLSA) Zambia (Rhodespark, Lusaka)

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